Our Approach

We believe that Play is the basic medium for learning and we encourage children to be independent. Each and every child deserves love, nurturing, safety and respect in their day-to-day surroundings. Our educators create an environment in which each child can grow and develop at their own rate.  We strongly believe that children do their best learning when they are allowed to lead.

Community Based

We are a community-based Centre that offers care for children aged 2 months to 5 years. We are a non-profit Society, which is governed by a board of parent and community members. Both the Board and the Early Childhood Educators are committed to offering all families quality childcare for their children. We have an open door policy, will help with the affordable childcare benefit application process, and we open our doors to community supports for children that require them.

Centre Features

*Fully qualified staff
*Better than licensing required ratios
*Indoor Waiting area
*All natural wood furnishings
*Separated rest areas
*Reading area
*Open floor plan
*Child friendly washrooms
*Large onsite outdoor play areas
*Coded locks on each program door

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